Why foster with us

shutterstock_166481948-1024x681There are many benefits to fostering with North Somerset Council rather than with private fostering agencies.

  • Fostering with your local authority means you’re supporting local children and local services
  • You’ll benefit from training and support at local venues
  • You’ll meet regularly with local foster carers who live nearby, forming a strong support network
  • You’ll have more regular placements
  • Communications with other professionals working in the council (such as the child’s social workers) are easier. You’re part of their team.

Will I receive higher fees from a private fostering agency?

On the face of it, private fostering agency rates may seem more attractive. But many carers prefer fostering with North Somerset because of the benefits listed above.

We’re responsible for all children and young people coming into care in North Somerset, and we always aim to place children with our own carers first (before looking to foster carers from private fostering agencies). This means that North Somerset foster carers often benefit from better ‘matches’ and more regular placements.

Given that the majority of foster carers don’t receive fees or allowances without a child in placement, regular placements can make a big difference to your lifestyle!


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