Support and training


Fostering with North Somerset Council means you’ll receive unrivalled free training and support, right on your doorstep. You’ll always have someone to turn to for help and advice.


You’ll join a team of professionals working around you and the child to ensure everybody’s well-being. This includes:

  • Your own social worker
  • The child’s social worker
  • An out-of-hours and emergency service
  • Health practitioners
  • Educationalists
  • Access to specialist psychologists
  • A youth service that provides young people with fun projects.
  • Access to regular tailored support groups
  • Access to a dedicated foster carers counselling service
  • Membership of the North Somerset Foster carers Association (NSFCA)
  • Membership of the Fostering Network
  • Support for birth children through our “Caring Crusaders” group

We also provide regular opportunities for you to meet with other foster carers at events and coffee-mornings.


This is an integral part of fostering. By regularly attending our free training, you’ll be better equipped to keep children safe.

All of our training is delivered by experts, and encourages practical learning and active involvement so that it’s fun, relevant and rewarding.

Support with training

Help and advice is always available, so don’t worry if you’ve not studied for a while or you need extra support.

Basic training

Prior to registering as a carer and throughout your first year, you’ll undertake basic skills training on how to foster, including:

  • First aid
  • How to promote education and learning
  • How to work in partnership with other childcare professionals
  • How to predict and respond to certain behaviours
  • How to set appropriate boundaries
  • How to keep children healthy and safe

Continuing professional development

You can also attend more specialist training covering a host of practical and therapeutic skills, such as courses on sex and relationships for young people in care; understanding drug and alcohol abuse; or caring for children with learning difficulties.

We reward our foster carers for their commitment to training with increased fees based on assessed skills and experience.


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