Fostering service Statement of Purpose


  1. The Fostering Services National Minimum Standards, 2011 together with Regulations relevant to the placement of children in foster care such as the The Fostering Services (England) Regulations 2011form the basis of the regulatory framework under the Care Standards Act 2000 (CSA) for the conduct of fostering services. They apply to any child or young person in care aged 0–18.
  2. The Fostering Services (England) Regulations, 2011 requires each fostering service to write a clear statement of purpose outlining the aims and objectives of the fostering service, and a statement of the services and facilities provided by the fostering service. This will be made available to foster carers and prospective foster carers; staff, and parents. In North Somerset, the term ‘foster carer’ encompasses mainstream foster carers, family and friends’ foster carers[1], Mockingbird foster carers and supported lodgings hosts.
  3. Every fostering service is also required to produce a children’s guide which includes a summary of what the fostering service sets out to do for children, how they can find out their rights, how a child can contact their Independent Reviewing Officer, the Children’s Rights Director, Ofsted if they wish to raise a concern with inspectors, and how to secure access to an independent advocate. A copy should be given to the Chief Inspector, each foster carer and each child.
  4. The statement of purpose and children’s guide are kept under review and revised, where appropriate. The North Somerset statement of purpose has been endorsed by the Children’s Services Leadership Team (CSLT) and is available on the Council and the fostering service website. It will be reviewed annually.

Download the full North Somerset Fostering Service Statement of Purpose.

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