Could you foster?


10 qualities you need to foster

1. A down-to-earth attitude

You take things in your stride. If something’s a problem, you’ll find a solution. And it’s not the end of the world…

2. Patience

Good things come to those that wait. Gaining a young person’s trust and respect takes time.

3. Good humour

Children and young people are fun and so are the things they do (even if you sometimes only realise this with hindsight!)

4. Confidence

You’re now a role model for children and young people, and they’ll respond to your confident approach to life.

5. Being a good listener

Being able to listen and respond appropriately to a child or young person will make a big difference to your relationship with them.

6. Nurturing

Nurturing confidence, a healthy lifestyle and new skills is second nature to you.

7. Resilience

You can take a few knocks (and a few minutes out) and then get on with the job in hand!

8. Good communication

You know the importance of sharing information, keeping in contact and working well with others. Your foster child’s happiness depends on it.

9. Commitment

Fostering isn’t a hobby. It requires a commitment, not only to the children but to your own learning and development.

10. An open mind

You never know what might happen next. But that’s OK, it might even be fun…!


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