What our foster children say


We asked our young people what they really want from foster care.

Here’s what they said.

  • For foster carers to be loving, understanding and fun
  • For foster carers to have respect for their privacy and belongings
  • To be able to have their friends around and to phone their friends
  • For foster carers to be easy to talk to
  • To be given encouragement and help with visiting their birth family
  • To be forgiven when they get things wrong
  • To be made to feel welcome as part of the family
  • To have a room of their own
  • To be able to go on holiday with the family
  • To be encouraged to do well at school and find a career
  • To be welcome in all parts of the house
  • To make them feel normal (not different!)
  • To be encouraged to get healthy and fit

Can you give our children what they need?

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