About the children


No two children or young people are the same. Their needs vary according to their age, background and fostering circumstances.

We get a diverse group of children coming into care. We’ll often have sibling groups coming into care who need to be placed together and teenagers, who may not be able to return to their family, looking for a home with someone who they can trust and respect.  Also babies and toddlers who may need to be looked-after for just a few days or months.

We’ll occasionally need to find the right foster carer for teenage mothers and their babies; and for children from minority ethnic groups, who’ll need someone who understands their culture, language or religion.


But what do all of our children have in common?

They need a place to call home, with people who’ll love them, keep them safe and accept them as part of their family. Some may never have experienced this, and it could take them a while to settle down and accept your commitment.


How are children in care affected by their past?

Children and young people who come into care will have experienced the trauma of being separated from their families and some will have painful experiences to deal with. They may also be behind in terms of their emotional, educational and social development and some will have learning difficulties or health problems. But with your help, they’ll have the same potential to achieve as other children. You can turn their lives around by building their confidence, teaching them skills and encouraging to them achieve their dreams. Our Foster carer stories are evidence of that.

As a foster carer with North Somerset, we’ll give you all of the support and training you need to care for our children and young people.


Beach bondingFostering young people aged 11+

Teenagers sometimes get a bad press, but we’ve all been there. We need people to come forward who’re prepared to listen, not judge and who can gain young people’s trust and respect. Once you’ve made that breakthrough, seeing them go from strength to strength at school or sport can be hugely rewarding.


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